4 comments on “Video Game Wednesdays – Minecraft

  1. It’s a fun game for sure, I played single player while it was in beta a few years ago and kept me addicted for a lot of time. I dunno if it still works but you can try out single player for free by just playing offline. The trouble I’ve had is that there are a lot of mods out there that can ruin multiplayer if people are cheating, and that while there is regular content updates still going, I did eventually grow bored of it. The creative side of it is much stronger than the survival side, and unfortunately I’m not very creative lol! Keep the posts coming 🙂

    • If you haven’t played in awhile, I’d recommend trying it again. 1.7 and 1.8 made the game a lot different in some ways. Or install some mods on single-player. (I recommend Life in the Woods or Sky Factory.) While I agree cheaty mods (e.g. x-ray mods) on multiplayer are annoying, I don’t think the majority of players cheat. 🙂

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