About the Author

Five things about me, the author.


1. I’m a girl. However, I am not a screaming fangirl type, rather, I’m the one who remains completely calm on the outside (except after watching a trailer, such as the PaleyFest Flash trailer or the Star Wars Episode VII final trailer. I squeed.) This is not to say that I’m indifferent to fandoms. I’m probably screaming in glee on the inside. Also, I live in the Pacific Northwest.

2. I have a random assortment of items on my wall. I have a Disney Princess picture, three Link Between Worlds posters, a Doctor Who calendar, a foam Minecraft pickaxe (which I won in a Minecraft contest), a wooden fan from a performance of Don Quixote I was in, several Nutcracker ornaments, a NASA hat, three space posters, and goodness knows what else.

3. I’m currently planning to have a career on stage or the screen. I don’t entirely understand why, but acting has always interested me. Of course, should that not work out, I plan to teach physics (love physics), or maybe write books. I’ve also thought about working at a Disney park. Finally, should none of those work out, a career in graphics design is a possibility. (I personally design any graphics I use for headers and author icons on this site!)

4. I do ballet, I’ve dabbled in jazz, and I’m thinking about taking tap. I also play piano (and want to learn chello), I have a lap harp, and I’m hoping for an ocarina so I can play the Song of Time and Song of Storms.

5. I have my own superhero group I am attempting to write stories about. I play them as my characters in DC Universe Online. I also play them in the Sims 3 to help with backstories. (Odd use of the Sims 3? Maybe, but it’s worked so far.) On the superhero note, my favorite superheroes are Robin (Tim Drake), The Flash (Wally West), and Captain America.


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