About EftM

I had a good friend ask me where I came up with the name Entertainment for the Masses once. I wasn’t able to give an answer until another friend said it made them think of panem et circenses – bread and circuses. I think that’s probably – subconsciously – where it came from.

That said, Entertainment for the Masses isn’t really about what it may sound like – boring, repetitive, mind-numbing, low budget movies, video games, and TV. This isn’t about bashing entertainment for no reason either – instead, it’s my honest opinions (good or bad) on whatever game, show, or album I’m talking about. (Usually good. I’d make a horrible critic! This is not to say I always like stuff – there’s definitely been stuff I don’t like.) I also do mini-reviews on each item as well. If you’re a parent, I still recommend reviewing it first, and checking a proper content guideline site that talks about the content problems rather than the game itself. I talk about the quality/story, they check the content.

Some things you won’t see on this site are R-rated movies, M-rated games and MA-rated TV. If you’re looking for a review of GTA 5 or the Walking Dead, it won’t be here. (I don’t even own an Xbox or PS3/4. I have a 3DS and a great computer though!)

With all that said, you can look forward to Music Mondays (exactly what it says on the tin,) TV Tuesdays, (again, what it says on the tin!) Friday Evenings (stuff for the whole family – whether it be a TV show, a game, or a movie,) Saturday Mornings, (kid’s TV, specifically – though I may throw in something for teens/adults too,) and a few others as well. All of the above may not be posted each week – just depends on what I’ve been doing, and how much time I have.

So enjoy, and have fun!


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